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To provide evaluation of officials and feedback to the MASRA Board of Directors, please use the link below to enter an evaluation for each varsity match. These evaluations are only available for review by members of the Board and assignment staff officials. These evaluations are an important tool for continuing education and improving officiating for association referees. Please be as honest and objective as possible in filling out this Performance Evaluation Form.

To complete an evaluation, please move through the form, making sure to accurately answer each question marked "Required." Use the correct format of your answer as indicated where required. Use your tab key or mouse to move from field to field. The ENTER key will submit the form prematurely. When you have completed the form, select SUBMIT, or to reset the form, select RESET.

Please click on the link below to begin.


Form Submission is currently not working due to upgrade by Website Host.

Please send any comments concerning a match directly to this email address and someone will contact you in return if required.



MASRA - Coach's Referee Evaluation Form

Metrolina Area Soccer Referees Association
Charlotte, NC

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