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MASRA Match Data Card
Match Data Card Instruction;
  1. If you are the Referee of the varsity match take two of the Match Data Cards to the match. Fill out two cards with the appropriate information once you have determined who will be on which side as AR.
  2. Personally hand a Match Data Card to each varsity coach prior to the start of the match and encourage them to visit and follow the links to complete the Coach's Referee Evaluation Form.
  3. Please let each coach know that these evaluations are the Associations tools for teaching and improving referee skills.
Formatted to print on Office Depot 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" postcard stock
Item #915-895

MASRA Match Referee Data Cards (4up)

Referee Match Report Card
These Match Report Cards can be used by the Referee and AR's to record match data during the match. They are sized and formatted to be folded in half to fit in the shirt pocket.
Formatted to print on Office Depot 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" postcard stock
Item #915-895

Match Report Cards (4up)

MASRA Assessment Form
Assessment form used by assessors to evaluate and report match details.

Soccer Referee - Physical Examination Form
A Physical Examination is required once per seasonal year for all soccer officials. Please have your doctor to fill out this form upon completion of the physical examination.

Metrolina Area Soccer Referees Association
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